Petroleum by Brand


The Petroleum Analyzer Company, L.P. is a leading global provider of advanced analytical instruments forlaboratories and process applications.



A worldwide leader in automatic petroleum testing instrumentation such as Cloud & Pour Point, Flash Point, Freezing Point, Distillation.


The worldwide leader in reliable laboratory petroleum testing apparatus providing a full line of manually and state-of-the-art automated instruments.


The leading provider of dependable, portable, high-quality spectroscopic analyzers for measuring the chemical and physical properties of fuels (gasoline/diesel/jet fuel).


Phase Technology Phase Technology has an outstanding reputation as a leader in the cold flow properties testing industry due to the consistent introduction of new innovative products and continual improvement in the quality, design and capabilities of its offerings.


Alcor instruments A global supplier of advanced petrochemical, fuel and lubricant research and testing solutions for aviation (Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation, JFTOT, Micro Carbon Residue).


A trusted leader in total elemental analysis, as well as speciated nitrogen and sulfur detection, Antek is the best choice for scientific analysis of liquid, solid, gas, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) samples.


Cambridge Viscosity A global leader in small sample viscosity. Reliable and easy to use viscometers with a wide variety of applications. 


Mid-Infrared (Mid-IR) Analytical Instrumentation.


The World’s leading manufacturer of metallo-organic elements-in-oil standard.


The Specialist in design and manufacturing of unique electro-mechanical equipment. 


Experts in Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration. 


Incoming inspection of qeunchants. 


Scaled Solution’s Laboratories specialize in the selection and screening of water-based flow assurance chemicals, in particular Scale and Corrosion inhibitors. 


microtap presents the “intelligent” thread tapping machine. 


PCS Instruments designs and manufactures tribology test equipment and laboratory instruments for testing fuels and lubricants. 


A 125 year old manufacturer of world-class thermostatical baths and circulators. 


A leading producer of constant temperature control equipment. 


More than 80 year experience Precision-Thermometers and Hydrometers manufacturer.